Venice Lifestyle Cruise

September 26th to October 3rd, 2017

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Venice cruise

Theme Nights


Tidal waves of excitement will consume you, as you and your couple enjoy the motion of the ocean, at this “shrimp-ly” amazing event. “Seas” the opportunity to experience how Desire Cruises combines naughty with nautical… Let’s get Nauti!

Dress Code: Ladies: Navy pin-up outfits Men: Sailors


Indulge yourselves in an evening of *sapiosexual fun, as Desire adds an erotic twist to the classic game of scrabble. *Sapiosexual (n.) a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others.

Dress Code: Ladies: G-string & heels, we will provide the top Men: Boxers, we will provide the shirt


You don’t have to be a superhero to find the perfect woman, the perfect woman will bring out the superhero in you. In a world of fantasy, discover what sexual superpowers you have locked inside.

Dress Code: Your favorite superhero


Because style is a way to express who you are without ever having to speak. Dress to impress in your favorite 3-piece suit.

Dress Code: Ladies: Pasties, G-strings & heels Men: Boxers, suspenders and a tie

theme nights

Ever wondered what it would be like if Tiger Woods were to meet Anna Kournikova? With this oddly specific theme party, you can get the next best thing! Discover why tantalizingly short mini-skirts and plaid pants are an erotic match made in heaven.

Dress Code: Women: Sexy tennis wear Men: Sexy golf wear


Submerge yourselves in a dream world of erotic pleasure, by creating a sensual look using bright white or naughty neon, that reflects your inner glow, on the outside. Shake, shine & say goodbye… It’s always playtime in our colorful kingdom.

Dress Code: Anything that glows under neon lights


You will be led on a magical journey of discovery, of game and of love, in their most varied facets. An evening of mystery that will take you and your couple beyond seduction…

Dress Code: Women: Masks & lingerie Men: Masks & cloaks