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Vancouver - BC

Wreck Beach one of the sexiest places in Canada

Wreck Beach... is an internationally-acclaimed 7.8 km long Nudist beach, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada, making it North America's largest naturist beach. Just 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver, Wreck Beach is easily accessible for visitors from over 150 countries, and generates over $60 million in tourist revenue annually.

British Columbia has always been one of Canada’s more liberal locations. The province was the second in the country, after Ontario, to legalize gay marriage in 2003 and its largest city has a thriving gay community. The laid-back attitude is also reflected in how Vancouverites and others in British Columbia look at sex. A 2011 Angus Reid Public Opinion survey found that 53 percent of Canadians (57 percent in BC) support making it legal to run a bawdy house and solicit. Vancouver is also a hub for Canada’s porn industry and known for its adult massage parlours and escort services.

The city’s beauty, beaches and warm climate help to encourage spontaneous hook-ups that may start at pick-up clubs like Roxy’s. At Wreck Beach, a popular clothing-optional destination in Pacific Spirit Regional Park, things can get hot. According to, it’s a 7.8-kilometre-long, wilderness-like beach, with a 200-foot cliff system.

Wreck Beach is Canada’s first and largest legal, clothing-optional beach. If being sexy is about being free of inhibitions, then Wreck Beach is one place you need to visit at least once. Thousands of people trek here every year to do a little skinny dipping, bathe in the sun, walk along it’s rustic shore and maybe do a little more.

This strip of pure, unadulterated Pacific Northwest beach is glorious. With no signs of civilization in sight and a respectful, hippie vibe to its attendant crowd, it has a unique ambience: strange, magical, isolated, very "Vancouver."