bliss lifestyle cruise Noviembre 2017

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Theme Nights


You just can't have a lifestyle cruise without having a theme for each night! Let your imagination run wild when planning your costumes. It is not required that you dress in theme but it can add some extra fun to the evening! Below is the list of themes for each night so you can start shopping and be prepare when it comes time to pack.



SATURDAY In the Navy (Nautical Night) - Let's set sail in our finest and sexiest sailor outfits.

SUNDAY Naughty Prom Night (Formal Night) - We're ditching the chaperones and getting naughty at the prom! Stick to the formal attire of today or dig deep in the closet and dust off whatever you wore to your prom.

MONDAY Studio 69 (70's Night) - Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight! Get down tonight!

TUESDAY Glow Night - Light up the night with anything that glows! Neon outfits, glow sticks, glow body paint, etc!

WEDNESDAY Black Tape Fetish Night - All you need tonight is a roll of black tape. Get creative and show off your freaky wild side.

THURSDAY Pretty in Pink - Pastel pink, bubblegum pink, fuchsia, magenta, hot pink. Pick your favorite shade of pink and wear it proud. You too guys!

FRIDAY Pillow Party - Put on your comfy pjs and stay up all night. There may even be a pillow fight or two!