Alaska Splendor lifestyle cruise

June 17th - 24th, 2018

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Alaska Splendor lifestyle cruise - theme nights


Alaska Splendors

Oh Canada!

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June 17 | Vancouver, Canada

Canadian pride, mounties, lumberjacks, Red & White (Canadian flag) "So you party eh?"

GI Joes & Army Hoe's

June 18 | On the Sea

We are crossing the border from Canada to Alaska.

We should honor the men & women who protect our lands

West World

June 19 | Sitka, Alaska

WWII destroyed this town, leaving it as a ghost town full of industrial cowboys and victorian saloons- This is the modern day term for "steampunk"

Under The Sea

June 20 | On the Sea

We are on the sea, and the Alaskan waters are filled with whales and other beautiful creatures to watch. So we could focus more on the underworld (Ie; mermaids, scuba, sea life)

Gold Rush

June 21 | Juneau, Alaska

Mining town, dress in gold (ie; gold digger)

Prohibition Era/ Formal Night

June 22 | Juneau, Alaska

Town built of Bootlegers & Prostitutes. With the good ol Speakeasy, filled with Moonshine (ie; 1920s)

a.k.a. Formal Night

Glacier Party

June 23 | On the Sea

We are going through the icebergs, and glaciers - this will be in lue of the white party - think snow bunnies, ice queens, skiing, eskimos.